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What is a Digital UPS?

Digital UPS also known as Home UPS provides protection in case of power surges and power outages. In case of power failure, the UPS acts as a safety mechanism. A Digital UPS converts the mains AC power into DC, which is used to charge batteries and provides AC power backup to all the connected devices. We have designed and installed Digital UPS across Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in the available ranges mentioned below.
We offer Digital UPS that are superior in quality at the most affordable prices.

Does my Home need a Digital UPS?

All your household gadgets like computers, smartphones, refrigerators deserve to be powered and protected by Indus Digital UPS. It is capable enough to cater to your home load (i.e. tubes, fans & bulbs). It provides an uninterruptible power supply with a modified sine wave output and has a relay time of 10 milliseconds (your computer will not shut down even during a power failure).

How much does a Digital UPS cost?

The cost of a Digital UPS depends on your requirement. Indus instruments Pvt Ltd provides you the same at the most affordable pricing. Get in touch with us to find out which Digital UPS range suits best for your home or office.


  • Modified sine wave output.
  • Relay time 10 milliseconds.
  • UPS and inverter mode.
  • Consistent output.
  • LED display.
  • Local battery & Standard battery mode for charging.


  • Homes
  • Retail shops
  • Small business owners
  • Local area networks

Available Ranges

  • 400VA/12VDC
  • 700VA/12VDC
  • 900VA/12VDC
  • 1100VA/12VDC
  • 1600VA/12VDC
  • 2200VA/12VDC

Special Characteristics

  • It is best suited for household appliances such as like tube lights, fans and bulbs.

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