We provide custom made Servo Stabilizer for all your power fluctuation needs across Thane and Mumbai


What is a Servo Stabilizer?

A Servo stabilizer helps maintain a steady voltage supply of 230V RMS (1-phase) or 415V RMS (3-phase) in places where it is difficult to find or maintain a steady voltage supply such as in Rural areas. Additionally, a servo stabilizer will also reduce the harmonics from your supply and make sure you get a pure sine wave output.

Does my company or Industry need a Servo Stabilizer?

Hospitals, banks and many high-end medical applications need a stable power supply for a prolonged period. Servo Stabilizer can be used to ensure a steady uninterrupted power source. We at Indus have designed, configured and installed Servo Stabilizer at various offices, banks and commercial places in Thane, Mumbai in the available ranges mentioned below.

Why choose Indus Servo Stabilizer?

  • Most Advanced Servo Stabilizer technology
  • Superior Quality with zero defects
  • 100% Protection for power devices
  • High Efficiency of above 95%
  • Pure Sine wave output

The most intelligent Servo Stabilizer is here to power your appliances!

Using your lights, fans or any electrical appliance consistently on low voltage will reduce their performance and life, hence servo stabilizer is required for proper functioning during voltage surges. Servo Stabilizers are designed for use in these situations and protect your complete home from persistent low or high voltage supply.

What is the price of installing a Servo Stabilizer?

The price of a Servo Stabilizer depends on the requirements of your devices and the average power fluctuation. Indus instruments Pvt Ltd provides you with the most flexible and reliable pricing for Servo Stabilizer. Get in touch with us using the given form to find out which Servo Stabilizer range suits best for your requirement in Hotels, banks, IT firm, data servers, hospitals, restaurant, café, etc.


  • Oil Cool Transformer Technology
  • Full Capacity Transformer
  • H Class Winding Strips
  • CRGO Lamination
  • Good Response Time
  • LCD Display
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Constant Output


  • Textile Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Malls & Shopping Complex
  • Cold Storage Plants
  • Rubber Industries
  • Telecommunication Industries
  • Offsets Printing Machines
  • Oil Industries
  • IT Industries
  • Escalators & Elevators
  • Metrological Departments
  • Food Processing Units.

Available Ranges

  • Input range : 170V-270V / Output 230V - 2 TO 15 KVA
  • Input range : 185V-270V / Output 230V - 2 TO 15 KVA
  • Input range : 295V-480V / Output 400V - 10 TO 150 KVA
  • Input range : 320V-480V / Output 415V - 10 TO 150 KVA
  • Input range : 340V-480V / Output 415V - 10 TO 150 KVA
  • Input range : 360V-480V / Output 415V - 10 TO 150 KVA

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