We provide custom made Online UPS for all types of requirements across Thane and Mumbai


What is an Online UPS?

Online UPS is a type of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that supplies power to your device through the Rectifier and Inverter Combination in normal working conditions and uses an inverter to supply AC power during a power cut. This ensures a steady supply of power to your device. All your electrical and electronic gadgets and equipment’s stay protected from damage.

What are the types of Online UPS?

Low Frequency Online UPS - This type of Online UPS is preferred in places where there is a high amount of power fluctuation. Therefore, it provides an uninterrupted power flow even in cases of power fluctuation.

High Frequency Online UPS - This type of Online UPS is preferred in places where there is a low amount of power fluctuation.

What is the difference between Online UPS and Offline UPS?

The major point that differentiates between the Online UPS and Digital/offline UPS is that online UPS supplies power from the AC socket to your device through the rectifier and inverter combination while the Digital/Offline UPS directly supplies power from the AC socket to your device.

Why Do I need an Online UPS at my office?

Since there is no intermittent switching on the event of power failure, online UPS can provide a greater deal of protection to your devices. Indus Online UPS are designed keeping in mind the most stringent weather conditions and worst power failure. We have designed and delivered Online UPS to various offices, banks, commercial places in Thane, Mumbai and across India in the available ranges mentioned below.

What is the advantage of Online UPS over Digital/Offline UPS?

Online UPS provides isolation between the main supply and your device. Since inverter is always ON, the quality of voltage is free from distortion. All the disturbances of supply such as blackout, brownouts, spikes etc are absent in the output. Voltage regulation is better.

Your Online UPS stays ON at all times!

In Today's Post Covid digital world, it is not enough for enterprises to have a primitive standard of power protection. With digital and Industrial trends constantly emerging and transforming, business continuity is all the more vital. You simply cannot afford downtime in your critical system or waste time recovering these systems after a disruption. What you need is a robust, high-speed, reliable Indus Online UPS system, which offers state of the art, round-the-clock protection to diverse application needs.

What is the price of an Online UPS?

The cost of an Online UPS is dependent of your requirement. Indus instruments Pvt Ltd provides you with the most flexible pricing. Get in touch with us to find out which Digital UPS range suits best for your home or office.


  • The load is always powered by the UPS through batteries even when mains is available.
  • No changeover or switching mechanism.
  • Ensures that only constant and clean voltage from its batteries is supplied to your devices.


  • IT Companies
  • Telecom Sector
  • Biomedical Equipments
  • R&D Centre
  • Industries
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Vending Machine
  • Defence Applications

Available Ranges

1 Phase In - 1 phase Out

  • 5 KVA -144 VDC
  • 6 KVA -180 VDC
  • 8 KVA -180 VDC

3 Phase In - 3 phase Out

  • 10 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 15 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 20 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 25 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 30 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 40 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 50 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 60 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 80 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 100 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 120 KVA - 360 VDC

3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out

  • 10 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 15 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 20 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 25 KVA - 360 VDC
  • 30 KVA - 360 VDC

Available Ranges for High frequency online UPS

  • UPS: 600VA / 12 V Internal
  • UPS: 1000VA / 24 V Internal
  • UPS: 100VA / 36 VDC Internal
  • UPS: 3000VA / 96 VDC Internal
  • UPS: 1000VA / 36 V EXT/ 5A CHG
  • UPS: 3000VA / 96 V EXT/ 5A CHG
  • UPS: 6000VA / 192 V EXT/ 6A CHG
  • UPS: 10000VA / 192 VDC- 240 VDC V EXT
  • UPS: 20000VA / 192 VDC- 240 VDC V EXT (3 PH-1 PH)

Special Characteristics

  • Online UPS works best in catering the sensitive load.

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