25 kW Solar Rooftop Installation – Indus Powers Head Office

Project Overview

Indus Powers implemented an integrated state-of-the-art rooftop solar system for its Corporate Office constructed & installed by its own skilled team.

  • We have designed and commissioned a 25 kW solar power plant for this project.
  • The solar system had to be installed on metal profile roofs and we made sure not to drill any holes on the roof to prevent the possibility of leakages during the later course of time.

Why did we choose to go Solar?

  • Initially, we had to bear the cost of high-budgeted electricity bills every month which would cost around 30-35K.
  • These big bills were digging a bigger hole in our pocket day by day.
  • Also, we Indusians are quite green savvy! ?
  • Taking all these factors into consideration we decided to combat the big bills problem forever.
  • After a detailed analysis, we all came up with a plan to install the Solar Rooftop System.
  • We spent around 13.75 Lakhs to build a 25 kW Solar PV plant.
  • This Solar PV plant was installed on our roof in the year 2017.

Our roof began to save our pockets. We aren’t kidding. Let’s see how!

How did this project prove a boon for us?

  • The first paramount change was the reduced electricity bills. Awesome moment for us!
  • Our electricity bill jumped down to INR 500-1000 per month (before solar power plant installation it was costing around 30-35K per month). Sounds exciting, right?
  • On average, we began to generate a minimum of 100 units of our own electricity on a daily basis.
  • We achieved tax savings in the form of accelerated depreciation of INR 3.43 Lakhs in the span of three years.
  • The cherry on the cake is that after the completion of the payback period we are now enjoying the electricity free of cost!
  • We have also bagged a victory in solving the leakage woes forever.

To wrap up, let’s take a summary of the advantages gained :

  • 25 kW Solar Rooftop System.
  • Indus Powers goes green.
  • Estimated generation of 35,650 units of electricity per annum.
  • There is a saving of INR 4 - 4.5 Lakhs on electricity bills on a yearly basis.
  • 769 tonnes of carbon emissions mitigated.
  • Per unit cost of electricity generation with this Solar plant is INR 2.80 only.

Trivia : Did you know?

Installing a solar power plant of this capacity on your roof is equivalent to planting 1230 teak trees!

Got some questions? Great! For more solar insights, contact us on 8422089898.


By Team Indus Powers

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