Ideal sitting postures for work from home

In this pandemic situation, many employees are now working from home. Not everyone has a home office or an appropriate desk that they can use to set up their computer equipment correctly.

Here we have jotted down some easy ways which you can use to optimize your posture and improve your comfort when working at home.

Ideal sitting postures for work from home
  • 1 : Keep an adequate knee/foot clearance when you work at a desk so that you can sit/stand close to your computer.
  • 2 : Maintain a separate keyboard and mouse with your laptop for more typing and clicking comfort.
  • 3 : Place the mouse and keyboard easily at your reach.
  • 4 : Position your laptop at a height that is equivalent to your eye height. If you don’t have a laptop riser then place it on some pile of books or box files.
  • 5 : Use an adjustable chair for sitting. If your chair is low, then place a cushion and sit on that to raise your sitting height.
  • 6 : Maintain a good posture while sitting. Take care that the small of your back is supported and your shoulders aren’t slumped. Also, make sure that there is no unwelcomed pressure on the back of your knees. If standing then keep your body posture straight. Do not lean, slouch or twist the table.
  • 7 : Change your posture every few minutes. Do not sit or stand for long hours.
  • 8 : Get up from your chair and stroll a bit. Take a few breaks after the fixed interval to freshen up your body as well as mind.

So, if you are working from home amidst the COVID-19, then you have to adopt these ideal sitting techniques in order to avoid making your makeshift office a literal pain in the neck!


By Team Indus Powers

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