Power backup a must-have for Healthcare industry

Imagine a scenario where several critical COVID-19 patients are hooked up to many machines to save their lives. One minute they are fine and the next minute they are under big stress as there is a sudden power failure which has caused the machines to shut down, thereby affecting their survival. This single scenario is enough to understand why the health care sector must be backed up with a superpower solution.

While all other industries are at risk of loss due to sudden power outages, the healthcare industry especially cannot risk lagging behind since it is dealing with human life every single day.

Option for reliable, energy-efficient power backup solutions from Indus Powers.

Online UPS

Who says a UPS can't provide power 24*7?

In today's world, it is not enough for the healthcare sector to have basic power protection. You simply cannot afford downtime in your crucial system or waste time recovering these systems after a disruption. What you need is a robust, high-speed, reliable UPS system, which offers perennial, round-the-clock protection to diverse application needs. The answer is ONLINE UPS!

Why Online UPS?

  • The load is always powered by the UPS through batteries only even when mains are available.
  • It uses the power from mains to charge its batteries.
  • No changeover mechanism.
  • Ensures that only constant and clean voltage from its batteries is supplied to the load.

We offer top-class power backup solutions for the healthcare industry. However, that is just not enough. We also provide timely maintenance service to ensure that the equipment is in working order in case of any power outage.

You cannot stop the power cuts but you opt for Indus power backup solutions to cope up with such difficulties. So that whatever the situation be, ‘the play must go on’.

Power backup a must-have for Healthcare industry

By Team Indus Powers

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