Power your life with the Smart Servo Stabilizer

There is a presence of force or power which controls the movement of every living and non-living entity. The human body needs the energy to perform all day-to-day activities. Have you ever wondered that from where does every non-living object draws energy? All electrical devices come to life with the voltage. A volt is like a heartbeat that pumps and pushes current throughout the electric circuit. Voltage is a pushing force that has to be regulated otherwise it might cause a critical heart attack to the innocent machines. Therefore, it becomes necessary to install a voltage stabilizer.

Indus Powers - an ISO certified brand manufactures the energy-efficient range of Servo Stabilizers. Indus Servo Stabilizers work hard to build itself on a basic goal to “save more and waste less energy.” Our Servo Stabilizer has powerful features to make any electric box perform out of the box and give a mind-blowing stage performance.

Indus Servo Stabilizer ensures to:

  • Acts more durable.
  • Behaves like a true and reliable friend & helps to save electricity.

Indus Servo Stabilizer comes up with multiple ranges of voltage like chargers to help boost life in appliances such as Air Conditioners, Television, Refrigerator, and Mainline. A voltage stabilizer acts as a guardian to provide the required nourishment to daily care objects.

Power your life with the Smart Servo Stabilizer

What makes Servo Stabilizer Smart?

  • Oil cool transformer : What differentiates Indus Servo Stabilizer from any other stabilizer is that it is equipped with oil cool transformer technology which keeps it at ambient temperature and reduces heat loss thereby enhancing the life of the stabilizer.
  • Full Capacity transformer : It is equipped with the goodness of full capacity transformer which prohibits it from getting over-heated and helps in giving you a long-lasting product.
  • H class winding strips : The H class winding strips help in minimizing the chances of short circuits with its effective insulation thereby ensuring product safety.
  • CRGO Lamination : The CRGO lamination of the transformer keeps the power losses at a minimal rate and provides the best possible stabilizer efficiency.
  • Response Time : Its response time to the fluctuating voltages at a stable rate of 30V/Sec provides your device with an uninterruptible and jerk-free power supply.
  • LCD Display : Its LCD display showcases vital statistics regarding power supply or faults if any, thus enabling a faster problem diagnosis.
  • Low Maintenance Design : Its low maintenance design minimizes the frequency of constant need for maintenance to 1.5 years thereby saving your valuable pockets for the same.
  • Constant Output : Its ability to produce a constant output at 230V +-1% delivers a constant and stable power supply thus adding a shield of safety to your equipment.

A Servo Stabilizer is a necessary fuel to safely credit more health and life to your electric devices. Go and grab them at Indus Powers because we love to stay in sync with the technology!


By Team Indus Powers

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