Powering the Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is an essential component of healthcare systems around the world, as pharmaceutical companies develop and produce a number of medicinal and other health-related products that save the lives of millions of people every year.

Voltage sags and short interruptions are, by far, the most common types of power quality disturbances and the most frequent causes of disrupted operation of many industrial processes, particularly those using power electronics equipment. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a highly sensitive process. Therefore the requirement to source a suitable power protection solution to produce a continuous production output without any interruption is critical.

Powering the Pharmaceutical Companies

What are our power backup options?

Indus power backup options consist of a comprehensive range of UPSs that can protect the pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Let’s have a look at our power backup systems one by one.

Online UPS

The Indus Online UPS provides you with a reliable source of uninterruptible power even in the most demanding environments. Configured with matching battery packs, this range of UPS can comply with your aggressive runtime requirements. Available in the range of 1 kva to 150 kva. This is a must-have for the sensitive manufacturing processes of the pharma companies!

Servo Stabilizer

We, at Indus, offer a range of power backup solutions, including efficient voltage Smart Servo Stabilizers. Our reliable quality of stabilizers ranging from 2 kva to 150 kva ensures that the oscillations in electrical power’s output maintain a stable value and prevents equipment damage.

Features of Indus Servo Stabilizer.

  • Oil cool transformer technology.
  • Full Capacity transformer
  • H class winding strips
  • CRGO Lamination
  • Response time of less than 20 milliseconds
  • Rugged design for Indian climatic conditions
  • Constant Output
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Variable speed, high torque, AC servo motor with proportional control... and much more..
Powering the Pharmaceutical Companies
Powering the Pharmaceutical Companies

Lift UPS

Indus Lift UPS also known as Offline UPS provides 3 phase pure sine wave power to the lift & the other related load, utilizing the energy stored in the battery bank. The inverter is customizable to handle the high inrush current & capable of driving motor loads.

Powering the Pharmaceutical Companies

Static UPS

Indus Static UPS is made with advanced DSP technology which gives a pure sinewave output. It has a high efficiency of 95% & changeover time of 5 ms. It provides 100% protection to your electrical devices. It’s autosense smart charger is an added perk!

Powering the Pharmaceutical Companies


Indus Tubular batteries are developed using the best in class technology & set the industry standards high. These batteries are vastly paired with inverters and are highly recommended for optimum functionality and output. The batteries have a built-in fume arrestor & is much appreciated for its easy to maintain stricture, greater clearance, and rugged construction. Additionally, the combination of low antimony & ceramic assists to keep the water level requirement in control and enhance the battery longevity.

With a customer base of 25000+ Indus is powering happiness across multiple sectors of the industry with their quality products and ethical work practices from the past two decades.

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By Team Indus Powers

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