Indus Powers has long been known since 1996 for the trust it has imprinted in the minds of its consumers. Power backup solutions by Indus Powers are devised and curated to give exceptional power reinforcement alternatives to zones with irregular power cuts. By selecting an Indus battery, you will likewise have the ability to slice yours over the odds electricity bill. Precisely, innovation in energy like this isn’t just for the chic eco-friendly owner.

Also, our batteries come bundled in an appealing looking packaging that comprehends your style and personality. The robust batteries provide backup during power interruptions, implicitly eradicating the necessity for an emergency generator. These power backup systems are skilled in running every corporate as well commercial office machine including computers, servers, AC and printers, projectors and more.

There are generally two types of batteries offered namely, flat plate and tubular batteries. Flat plate batteries are widely used for storage in back up power supplies and stand-alone systems. Flat plate batteries come in the variants from 60 Ah to 180 Ah with 42 months of warranty. Along with excellent charge acceptance that it can withstand high currents, Indus batteries are also inbuilt with security against leakage and corrosion.

The tubular batteries are solid. They are available from 165 Ah to 250 Ah with 48 months of warranty. Outfitted with highlights like speedier charging, low maintenance and longer standby life, Indus tubular battery arrangement makes only the ideal fit for your uses.


To protect the batteries, you can likewise select to purchase a battery stand which is made of the best quality metal and with the use of relevant standards. It aids in keeping your batteries arranged in a proper way and also adds a touch of beauty to your room where the batteries are placed. The cherry on the cake is our genuine work and on-time service to our consumers.

Stop pondering over which UPS batteries to buy? Grab the best-quality batteries from Indus Powers and unwind like kings with their high performance and low maintenance.

So, why the fear of power backup when Indus Batteries are here!


By Team Indus Powers

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