Solar Power

Switching over to solar is not a complicated and expensive choice to make. In fact, it is a primary choice that can affect the quality of life that you and your loved ones will live for the rest of your time on this blue-green planet. There are multiple factors that you need to comprehend about solar power before landing on a decision. Hence, in order to aid you to make the best decision, here are six reasons to choose solar and why it would be wise for you to say yes, too.

  • 1. Solar power benefits the environment : Thinking of how you can sustain Mother Earth? Switch to solar is one of the answers. When you opt for solar, you do a favor not only for yourself but also for the environment. As its a clean source of energy, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions that hurt Mother Earth. Amazing, right?
  • 2. Solar power helps you save money : It looks incongruous at first given the sum of money you have to shell out to have it installed (if you pay a lump sum), but in the long run, using solar power will help you save more because you don’t have to pay for electricity bills. It’s also a prudent investment for one-time which will allow you to bask in the fruits for a life-time.
  • 3. Solar power helps you be independent : You don’t have to rely on the mercy of utility providers (MSEB). They can raise energy prices all they want but you won't be affected at all. The solar power plant is your own powerhouse as you will be generating your personal electricity supply.
  • 4. Solar panels have a long life : Solar panels have a life of 25 years and they have no mobile components which means the maintenance cost is negligible. They can be installed very easily. They only need a sturdy panel mounting structure to hold them secure.
  • 5. Solar energy can be used at any time of the day : There is a myth among people that solar power plants can work efficiently only when the sun is shining in the sky. However, the truth is that you can choose a battery backup system (i.e. off-grid solar plant) and store the solar energy to power your home anytime, even at night.
  • 6. Solar is the future : Switching to solar puts you forward of the curve. Also, there’s nothing way cooler than powering your entire home using energy from the sun, right.
  • 7. Avail the benefit of subsidy and tax depreciation : Did you know? By installing a solar power plant you get additional monetary benefit apart from the reduced electricity bills. The residential owners get an advantage of subsidy whereas commercial owners enjoy the profits by tax depreciation from the government.

Deciding whether you’ll add solar panels at home is like pondering about your very first home purchase. It requires careful thought and consideration but the profits you'll reap are positive.

The sun - that power plant in the sky- bathes earth with ample energy to fulfill all the world's power needs many times over. It doesn't give off carbon emissions. It won't run out. And it's free. Then, why not switch to solar?


By Team Indus Powers

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