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As technology has sky-rocketed so much, the path of life has also transformed itself. Well, your know-how, people had to wait for 3-4 long hours for the power supply to come back. But now, with the progression of technology, the time has shifted. Now nobody has to wait for so long. Science has discovered a solution named UPS. Even many businesses get hampered by the irregular & long hours of load shedding. UPS has now become a source of power backup not only for homes but also for businesses.

If we talk about UPS brands, we can jot down the names of many players. Out of them, Indus Powers is a leading manufacturer of power backup and generation solutions with a successful journey of 25 years in the power industry.

Even in this ever-increasing competition, Indus Powers has continued to imprint its name in the minds of people as the best one by delivering a constant genuine output. Our inverters have proved a benchmark to be a great substitute in case of load shedding. By choosing our power backup or generation solutions you can unwind like kings. Really! With constant research and advanced technical know-how, our inverters are exclusively designed to cater to your needs with quality. The production of top-notch products followed by on-time service has made Indus Powers win the hearts of people. In short, Indus Powers is continuously powering happiness by staying in sync with the technology and varying customer requirements. So, why the fear of power cuts when we are here! That’s true. You can find not only one but many reasons to prefer Indus Powers as your power backup buddy.

Our Mission

We Indusians, believe in making a continuous effort to provide a significant contribution by adding a touch of happiness and comfort in people's lives with our state-of-the-art products and quality service.

Go for Indus Powers so that power cuts don’t cut short your plans.


By Team Indus Powers

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