Why is power backup a must have for residential buildings

Imagine you are in the elevator of your building. You are in a hush-bush to reach your office on time in the morning peak hours. And suddenly the power goes off and the elevator stops. What would you do in such a scenario? You will have no other alternative than to wait until the power comes back. Sounds scary, right?

This scenario can be avoided when your residential building has a good power backup solution. As a builder, you have to think about these situations to enable your customers to live a hassle-free life. We also think about your prestige and reputation as a builder, and hence want you to give the best-in-class power back systems to your project dwellers.

Indus has customised a range of products keeping builders needs and point of view in mind. Let’s dive deep into them.

Why is power backup a must have for residential buildings

Lift UPS

Indus lift UPS is the high capacity power generation system that is capable of running lift/elevators, and many more 3 phase high power applications. Our Lift UPS solutions are specially designed to be consistent, flexible and easily adaptable. The battery bank can stand up to 3 to 4* Hours. The common lighting load such as a staircase, parking can also be connected to the system.

Why go for Indus Lift UPS?

  • Economic than Diesel Generator
  • Charger to Save 50% Electricity
  • Micro-Controller / DSP Based Design
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Fully Automatic
  • Auto by Pass Mode.

Solar PV

Solar PV project is a complex & specialised task. Our electrical & electronics competency fits into this domain and naturally enables us to be a leader in this complex field. With our streamlined engineering, we can provide rooftop, ground-mounted on grid interactive systems which gives an optimum output for hospital needs. We are a turnkey solar solutions provider. This is the right time to switch to solar.

Why choose Indus Powers?

  • Branded and tier one components.
  • In-house design and skilled engineering team.
  • Power generation guarantee.
  • We have served multiple genres of clients with our genuine work.
Why is power backup a must have for residential buildings
Why is power backup a must have for residential buildings

Solar Water Heater

Supplying the best quality hot water to your dwellers is of utmost importance in recent times. We abide by your policy by commissioning the highly efficient solar water heaters with our skilled team & genuine work ethics. Our solar water heaters are designed to provide the hot water without consuming electricity, which makes it environment-friendly.

It includes not only a high-quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank but also an evacuated glass tube to ensure that the water stays warm for a longer duration. We do the commissioning of both the types, i.e. flat plate collector and evacuated tube collector.

Quite convinced with our all-rounder solutions? Then, why wait? & give us a call on 9594962508. For more information, visit www.induspowers.com


By Team Indus Powers

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