Workplace Safety Tips for Electrical Contractors

Being an electric contractor/consultant requires working around electricity. Hence workplace safety tops the list, especially when it comes to dealing with electricity. Indus Powers wants to help you keep yourself & your employees safe. Here are four workplace electrical safety tips from us.

1 : Create safe pathways

Avoid clutter and keep yourself or your staff from being able to move safely around your building. Create open and clear walkways that are free of dangers like loose cords. If certain things can’t be avoided, make sure appropriate signage is displayed as a warning.

2 : Be mindful of “hot” equipment

Remind yourself & your staff about the dangers of “hot” equipment or components. Always know if power is coming through a wire or outlet before starting to work on it.

3 : Make use of cordless tools

Reduce the risk of tripping over electrical cords by using cordless tools. Not only will this increase workplace safety, but it may increase your productivity, too, since there are no unwieldy cords to manage.

4 : Don’t put off repairs

Above all, don’t wait to fix electrical issues. Avoiding repairs can put your staff at risk

5 : Wet Conditions

Never operate electrical equipment in wet locations. Water greatly increases the risk of electrocution especially if the equipment has damaged insulation. Have a qualified expert inspect electrical equipment that has gotten wet before energizing it.

Plugging Into Safety

It would seem that the powerful threat of electrical accidents would be enough to make workers follow safe practices. But, in reality, it is not enough. Only the implementation of comprehensive electrical safety programs, combined with the right safety equipment, can set the stage for electrical workers to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Although widely misunderstood, electricians possess considerable know-how about all aspects of an electrical system, don’t they?


By Team Indus Powers

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