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Since the advent of coronavirus many companies have asked their employees to work remotely until the virus gets slowed down. In the past two months, all of us have experienced that work from home is not that easy as it seems to be. Working from home is a double-edged sword - sure, you get to sit at home but it comes with all sorts of distractions as well. It can be hard to resist distractions like a pile of dishes in the sink, the puppy eyes of your playful dog, or the kids tantrums.

You’re not alone & there are a lot of people in the same boat right now. That’s why we have penned down golden ways to stay focused, motivated without sabotaging your productivity while working remotely.

1 : Have a dedicated workspace

Whether you have a sprawling home office or a nook in your kitchen, it’s important to have a dedicated office. Even urban dwellers with limited square footage should carve out a spot that’s just for work. Don’t forget to mind your sitting posture while working from home.

2 : Turn off social media

Is there any rabbit hole more tempting than social media? A quick scroll on Instagram can turn into a major time suck, but there are ways to avoid temptation. You have to keep your social media at a bay.

3 : Avoid Procrastination

If you think it’s tempting to procrastinate at the office, it’s even worse at home, where there are more distractions. This causes stress as you can easily push yourself tight against a deadline, and if something unexpected happens — like power cut.

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4 : Dress for Success

We are creatures of habit, and it’s vital to have good habits. Sure, sitting in your pajamas will be comfortable, but can you really be in a professional mindset with PJs on? It’s not really about how you look that’s important; it’s about setting a professional mindset.

5 : Set Boundaries

It’s a common misconception that remote work means you’re hardly working. Set an accurate schedule for your office work and household chores to balance everything perfectly.

6 : Automate as much as you can

Technology is a smart office assistant! Schedule alerts for important tasks and appointments, build email rules to filter out unimportant messages during your work hours.

7 : Take a Gym Break

Scheduling a sweat session into your workday is a good idea as long as you plan it right. Plus, taking an exercise break provides a brain boost. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, a workout can get those endorphins flowing and deliver a natural burst of energy.

8 : Know when to clock out

You should stick to a predetermined set of work hours and maximize your workdays so that you can enjoy your time off and feel refreshed and ready to clock back in on the next morning.

The success formula for work from home,

Sufficient Motivation + Task = Productivity.

Times are tough, but so are we! Let’s not treat this as a setback. Let’s take this time to pause, reset and reboot and come back stronger. Let’s go out of our way to appreciate people as it is not easy working from home.


By Team Indus Powers

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